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Tamer Al Ahmar
Tamer Al Ahmar

Jordanian self made Artist Tamer Al Ahmar’s artistic journey began when he was a child who constantly yearned to become a fashion designer. Though that dream seemed distant at the time, He decided at an early age to dedicate his life to art—despite of his university majoring in business administration— a step that led to his job as a comic artist for Kids magazine in 2008. This feat led him to create his own style in digital art which centered on drawing such iconic figures as Fairuz and Umm Kulthum in unique ways that brought these stars into the modern age.

As his work began to gain momentum around Amman, He began to garner media attention by such outlets as Dr. Ramzi’s Salti’s Arabology radio show (USA) and to opportunities that have included
designing the poster for the Franco Arab Film Festival’s 24 th edition, creating the album covers for the artist Haifa Kamal’s EDM project and, in 2019, to an invitation by Harvard University to exhibit his work
at their annual Arab Conference.

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H-shirt is a Lebanese street-wear brand that promotes local art pieces on high quality clothing via e-commerce.
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