H-Shirt | Shop cool graphic tees selected by a community of creative and unique designers - H-shirt is a Lebanese street wear startup brand inspired by Arab culture. H-shirt.com is an open platform for creative designers and customers to express themselves through our brand. We believe that your outfit can tell a story that everyone can see. -

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For a long time now, having high-quality printing on our clothes was a farfetched dream especially when everything we wear today is not remotely related to our personalities or identities.


So in 2014 it all began when we started selling the type of clothing that embraced the Arab youth identity. Therefore we got market validation by selling more than 1000+ pieces of clothing in Tripoli area alone, and more to come.


Our dream is to have fashionable clothing to convey the youthful Arab spirit starting with the Arab world and even worldwide... Read More

H-shirt is a Lebanese street-wear brand inspired by Arab pop culture. H-shirt.com is an open platform where creative designers can present and sell their creations on H-shirt high-quality products.
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Thu Jan 25 2018
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Tue Jan 23 2018
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Wed Feb 15 2017
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